Chiropractic Testimonials

I had severe neck and back pain for years. I tried three different chiropractors only to have the same result of temporary relief and the doctors not knowing what else to do. As it turned out I had a severe reversed curve in my neck that was not responding to traditional chiropractic methods and as a result was referred to Dr. Renée Stauffacher, D.C. who specializes in structural rehab. After reviewing my case she came up with a plan tailored to my needs and started a series of therapies using several different devices, techniques and exercises that spanned across several weeks. After the first series I noticed a big difference in my pain level and after completing two full series not only did I feel great, but my x-rays showed the proof of change. Hard work, patience and dedication do pay off. I would recommend Dr. Renée to everyone who is seeking results.

- JW

I have had back pain and headaches throughout my adolescence and adult life. I emailed Dr. Renée’s office and gave her a basic history. She invited me to come on in, she consulted me, and we made an appointment for an x-ray as she would not adjust me until she examined every part of my x-rays! She wanted to know my back and my problems before making any adjustments. The most impressive part about looking at my x-rays was how she had marked and measured every inch. I had never seen that before. I could tell that Dr. Renée would be different than any other chiropractor I had seen before. I still get pains in my legs and migraines, but they are not as intense and they don’t happen as frequently, for that I am grateful. I am feeling so much better that I have begun swimming and exercising again. All thanks to Dr. Renée!

- KW

Dr. Renée has helped my body feel significantly better! As someone raised with chiropractic, I am appreciative of someone with good technique, who actively continues her education and runs a professional yet friendly office. I highly recommend Dr. Renée to anyone looking for pain relief or to help maintain a healthy body.

- KL

I had fallen and herniated a disc in my neck which resulted in excruciating muscle spasms, and greatly reduced my ability to work or do the things I’d normally do. I wore a neck brace for a while, and went to a general practitioner who prescribed muscle relaxants and painkillers, none of which helped in the long run. I gained weight because of inactivity, sleep became a problem because I couldn’t get comfortable at night because of my back and neck pain, and I began suffering severe headaches that were increasing in pain and frequency.

I met Dr. Renée at my company’s Health Fair where she did a basic cervical screening. I made an appointment and she took X-rays of my back and neck to locate possible problem areas before treatment began—this was a huge comfort, knowing that there was more to the practice of Chiropractic that just “crack your bones.” Dr. Renée sat down with me and thoroughly discussed what the X-rays revealed (Phase 1 degeneration in neck, and vertebral misalignment between shoulder blades). I’ll never forget my first adjustment, I was surprised by her strength and precision, and the sense of relief I felt was amazing. Adjusting my neck was a little harrowing, though, simply because I had experienced so much pain by just turning my head from side-to-side, and here she was manipulating it in directions I was certain would be painful. But they weren’t! It felt wonderful.

I visit Dr. Renée on a bi-weekly basis for maintenance, and my improvement has been incredible. I have the curve in my neck back, I’m no longer afraid of lifting something that will send my neck into a spasm, I sleep better because my back and neck no longer bother me, I haven’t experienced a headache in about two months and my posture is a lot better. I highly recommend Dr. Renée and excitedly share with others the improvement her therapy has provided me. Thank you, Dr. Renée!

- LB

While my wife noticed a significant reduction in the frequency of her migraines as a result of her visits to a Chiropractor, I was always a bit of a skeptic regarding Chiropractic. Until Dr. Renée, that is. She was receptive to my request to develop a maintenance schedule that not only benefited me but also worked with my schedule. Not only that, but Dr. Renée was strong, and gentle—which equated, in my case, to effective. She has substantially reduced, if not completely eliminated, any neck and lower back pain that I have suffered for the past thirty-plus years. Further, I was a bit squeamish about any upper back adjustment because of the pain I experienced with an old sports injury involving a fractured rib. She promptly modified her adjustment technique which helped me to relax, and this has made an incredible difference. I can say with complete confidence that Dr. Renée has eliminated my skepticism of the benefits of chiropractic.

- BZ

Not only does Dr Renee make you feel comfortable but so does her staff. She’s a great family chiropractor that myself and my kids can go to. Glad I finally found the right chiropractor for my family!

- Sara

Incredible Service

I can’t say enough about Intun Chiropratic services. They will bend over backwards in order to help. The knowledge and competence is outstanding. Dr. Renee has helped each member of my family with wonderful results. She works well with our busy schedules even when we need a last minute appointment. I highly recommend Intun and Dr. Renee.

- Mary Schaap

Amazing Results

I like most was a total skeptic! My wife had been seeing Dr. Renee for quite awhile and she literally had to drag me with her to an appointment. Dr. Renee took the time that day to do an evaluation because she could see how much pain I was in. After x-rays were taken and her explanation of what was wrong, I was a believer. I feel like I can do more with no pain. I tell everyone how great it is!!

- Steve M.

Two thumbs up!

I was skeptical about going to a Chiropractor. I chose Dr. Renee without any referrals….apparently my gut instinct was right. She was an amazing Dr. right from the start! I have referred numerous people to her and they have all been pleased and referred others as well. She isn’t just a Dr., she is a caring person who takes the time to care about your overall health. Two thumbs up 🙂

- Jodi

Best Chiropractor in Sheboygan!

I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Renee is top notch. She genuinely cares and takes the time with each patient. I highly recommend her. Thanks for all you do.

- Donna F.

Great Chiropractic office.

Very clean and modern office. Dr. Renee made me feel very comfortable. I now bring my entire family in to get adjusted and we love that they make it affordable for me to do so.

- Katie S.

Awesome Place

I have been to multiple chiropractors and I love Dr. Renee. She is friendly and truly cares. If you are looking for a chiropractor, this is the person to see.

- Mandy

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