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In today’s hectic world, many people in Sheboygan WI are spending more time at the workplace and less time focusing on their health. Our chiropractic team at intun ChiroCare offers a variety of wellness programs to businesses as a way to ensure that individuals are aware of the importance of improving their well being. Corporate wellness programs are a great tool for helping others take preventive steps to avoid the worsening of illnesses and disease, including spinal immobility, and to adopt healthier lifestyles. Our team at intun ChiroCare focuses on educating others by performing spinal screenings, providing stress free days at different workplaces and by presenting to employees how they can maintain good mobility the first 100 years of their life, known as lunch and learns.

Screening and Treating Postural Imbalances in Sheboygan WI

Intun ChiroCare offers free spinal screenings, or stress free days, to employees as a way to check for postural imbalances. If a person is posturally imbalanced they will experience pain on a daily basis. Many employees are aware of their pain, yet most are not aware of what is causing that pain and have accepted that level of pain as normal. This limits their productivity at the workplace. The purpose of the spinal screening is to not only check for postural imbalances, but to engage employees to start a treatment plan so that they may optimize their level of mobility throughout their lifetime and therefore improving productivity. Screenings are also held at health fairs and large community events.

The How to Stay Young the First 100 Years presentation is a presentation that intun ChiroCare presents to employees, while providing free lunch or refreshments, to educate them about how they can prevent spinal disorders and immobility. The presentation is a great way to explain the benefits of chiropractic care. These lunch and learns encourage people to take good care of their spine and joints before they are in pain.. The presentation usually lasts a half hour, and there is room for any questions at the end. It can be given during shifts throughout the day or at one time, depending on the business’s needs it is being presented to.

While these wellness programs are offered for free, intun ChiroCare often asks for a suggested donation toward a philanthropic cause. This year, they are raising money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For only $25.00 employees can receive those first day services which include a consultation, spinal exam, and and necessary x-rays (normally $250.00).

Our chiropractic team at intūn ChiroCare enjoys giving the greatest gift of all through these wellness programs – the gift of health! Call or visit us for more information. We look forward to helping you!

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